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Is your leather from China? It might be made of dog or cat skin

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Subscription Boxes Are the Best Shopping Invention — or a Sneaky Way to Lose All Our Money

By now, most of us have heard of subscription boxes, even if we haven't tried them ourselves. We can now get monthly mailings containing any products our hearts desire, from makeup to snacks to wine. Even our pets can get their very own subscriptions. It's easy to see the appeal: You get great products each month, without the inconvenience of real-life shopping or having to purchase a full-size version of an item you've never tried before.

These Walls Have More Instagram Fans Than You

It's the wall that started it all: a layered amalgamation of multicolored, spray-painted hearts at Mott and Kenmare Streets in New York City. In an earlier time, a viewer might have simply stopped to marvel. But today, the impulse is different: "Let me take a selfie." With more than 5,000 followers and counting, fashion maven and former Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen's Instagram account PhotogenicWalls isn't just popular — it is a reflection of a young, 21st century viewer's relationship with art.

Alan Rickman creates ‘A Little Chaos’ as the Sun King

“A Little Chaos” is the title of Alan Rickman’s new film, but the story it tells is anything but chaotic — even if the movie’s creation, in some ways, was. Tightly controlled and nuanced, “A Little Chaos” — about the construction of the Garden of Versailles under King Louis XIV — was directed and co-written by Rickman, who also plays the king.
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The Graphic Memoir “Fun Home” Goes From Page to Stage

Graphic to live-action adaptations are nothing new; every year brings a new crop of film and television adaptations of comic books. But one production takes things a bit further: “Fun Home,” which opened April 19 on Broadway at the Circle in the Square Theater, not only tackles live musical theater, but retains many of the visual touches that define the source material’s medium.
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Once Attacked as Offensive, a Painting Returns to New York City

At eight feet high and six feet wide, it is impossible to miss: “The Holy Virgin Mary,” a 1996 painting by Chris Ofili, featuring the black Virgin Mary on a canvas accented by elephant dung and collaged derrieres excised from the glossy pages of pornographic magazines. It sits in a corner of a room containing 11 other works of the same scale and similar style, part of an Ofili exhibition that is sprawled throughout the New Museum.
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Street art contributes to property values, neighborhood character in Chelsea

Expensive high-rises and street art may seem like an unlikely combination, but in Chelsea, the two are experiencing a symbiotic relationship as legal, commissioned murals contribute to a rise in property values. Street art has become increasingly trendy in New York, partly due to high-profile events like Banksy’s residency a year ago; though the anonymous street artist’s work was illegal in that it was not commissioned, it garnered a lot of press.
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First life, second act: How these journalists found themselves

CJR sits down with four people who found themselves by leaving behind who they were. Laura Miller didn’t get her first full-time journalism job until she was 35, but it turned out to be a major one: In 1995, she was the fifth employee hired at Salon. Miller worked at various alt-weeklies and before that, for a small local press and a mail-order company, while doing freelance criticism.
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Alanna Weissman

Alanna Weissman is a writer, reporter and copy editor from New York City. She is a 2015 M.S. graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; she also holds a B.A. cum laude from Colgate University, where she double majored in English with an emphasis in creative writing and art and art history with an emphasis in studio art. Her professional interests include arts and culture writing, criticism and copyediting.



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